Quest University

Quest is unique. Its groundbreaking approach to postsecondary education began as an experiment. Today, Quest University is one of Canada’s important institutions of higher learning.

Quest is located in Squamish. You’ll enjoy views, trails, a café with floor-to-ceiling windows, and more—all amid the spectacular scenery of British Columbia.

We offer one degree, the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences. Instead of taking five classes at a time, you immerse yourself in one course for 3.5 weeks. You create a Question instead of declaring a major. Our groundbreaking curriculum offers flexible, student-centered learning that combines intellectual rigour and creativity with hands-on experience.


in the Canadian academic world

* 20 Maximum class size

* 70 Percentage of students who go abraod at least once

* 40+ Countries represented

* 85 Percentage of students who receive schorlarships and bursaries

* 0 Similar universities in Canada!

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