Landmark East

Canada’s independent day and boarding school for students with language and leaning differences

Changing the lives of students with learning differences since 1979

Landmark East is a co-ed international school for students diagnosed with learning disabilities in grades 3 through 12. We pride ourselves in being able to provide quality academic programs with personal growth experiences for our students.Landmark is the only boarding school licensed by the Nova Scotia Department of Education as Designated Special Education Private School.

What we do

  • We have been successfully education students with learning disabilities for more than thirty-five years.
  • We provide a boarding school environment : one of the most effective ways for students with learning disabilities to achieve their full potential.
  • We encourage creative thinking, activity-based learning, problem solving and high expectations.
  • We offer extension individualized support and a student-teacher ration 3:1.

Founded : 1979 by Dr.Charles Drake

Successfully : More than 35 years

Located : Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ages Served : 8-19 years

School : 75 students. Small by design

Average Class Size : 5 Students

Teacher-Students Ratio : 3:1

Individualized Attention : Daily 1:1 tutorials

Campus : 5-acre property in a small university town

Post-Secondary Placement : 85%

Alumni : Over 1,000 alumni from 20 countries


Imagine a school... where your child finally succeeds

Elementary School

The Elementary School Program (grades 3 – 5, ages 8 – 11) is a day program only that addresses the needs of students who are having difficulty acquiring literacy skills. The program develops skills in oral and written expression, comprehension, study skills, mathematics and art. A key feature of this program is a daily tutorial consisting of two students per teacher. The maximum class size is six and the school day ends at 2:30 PM.

Middle School

Middle School Program (grades 6 – 9) employs a multi-sensory approach to develop literacy, numeracy and study skills. The program utilizes a daily one-to-one language tutorial to set the tone for the fundamental skills taught across the curriculum. The maximum class size is six. In addition to regular academic classes, students participate in a 90-minute physical education/activity program and a monitored 60-minute homework/study hall class each day.

High School

High School Program (grades 10 – 12) offers college and university preparatory courses that follow the requirements of the Nova Scotia Public School Program. Class sizes are limited to eight students and adaptive strategies are designed to meet individual needs. Graduates receive their graduation diplomas from the Nova Scotia Department of Education. Many proceed to post-secondary studies at colleges and universities.

Transition Year

Transition Year Program (post grade 12) is offered to students who have completed grade 12 but do not feel prepared, academically or socially, for the demands of post-secondary education. Academically, the Transition Year Program focuses on independent study, research and study skills. Socially, the program allows students to become actively involved in a small secure community with opportunities to develop confidence and competence before moving on to post-secondary studies.

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