We love our job 🙂

Everyday we get to do what we love…help our next generation to discover their passions.

We LOVE it

Our team are experts in travel, education and support. They have made our process super simple and we love to answer your questions and help with decisions. Once we know your objectives for studying overseas, the type of environment you prefer to live in, your chosen career path or plan, your background, educational history and length of overseas study, we can then quickly provide you with several of the very best options to choose from

Pick a program

Choose from high school, language school, College or university. From cooking school to prestigious films schools, we offer you programs to suit all passions

Apply for visa

We have Canadian government accredited immigration consultants experts working with us in Canada and they will make sure the experience is as positive as possible.

Pack and go!

That simple, we will guide you through all the pre travel arrangements including airline tickets and all aspects of various accommodation based on your childs interests

Our department Heads


CEO and Managing ninja

Guiding our next generation to discover their passion has been a life long dream. Now I live that dream with a team that feels the same


Program Manager.

Responsible for program enquiries, student applications, documents, orientation, school board and manager of all student issues.


Visa Admin & designer

Promotion materials.
4 years experiences of Canada visa.
Handling visa documents, airfare and all communication

Visa Administrator

We work with registered RCIC consultants to help you with every step of the visa application.


Assistant Program Manager

Handling program information, managing customer service and one of our 24/7 on call staff members ready to help you day and night

Book a free consultation at our Bangkok office

Our friendly staff are waiting to help you make the best decision based on your passions and goals

Ask us anything

Have a question? We love to chat to you about anything that helps you. A question, some guidance or some advice to us on how to serve you better, get in touch below 

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