CLLC is also recognized and associated with top educational organizations nationally and internationally, and maintains partnerships with over 40 university and college partners.

Canadian Language Learning College (CLLC)

The Canadian Language Learning College (CLLC) was founded in 2005 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It remains the fastest growing school in Canada with three new locations open in three world-class cities within a decade.

The CLLC Experience with 3 Locations


  • Direct flights from around the world
  • Only one hour from Niagara Falls
  • Home to the CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada, several professional sports teams
  • World class dining


  • Capital of Canada
  • Only two hours to Montreal by car or bus
  • Home to Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal,Canadian Museum of Nature, and Ottawa Senators hockey


  • Capital of Nova Scotia
  • Home to Canada’s top universities
  • Only a two hour flight to Toronto, one and a half hour flight to Montreal
  • Home to the famous Titanic Exhibit, beautiful Halifax waterfront boardwalk, Buskers Festival, Seaport Farmers Market and miles of spectacular ocean scenery


General English

CLLC’s General English Program has six levels. From Introductory to Advanced. The program develops skills in five areas: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Critical Thinking. Students are able to progress through the levels at their own pace with flexible scheduling options.

University Pathway

CLLC’s University Pathway Program (UPP) focuses on time management, note taking ,exam preparation, academic presentations, and essay writing. Students can complete UPP in any CLLC city and continue onto one of CLLC’s partner universities or colleges without writing an English language proficiency exam.

Business English

CLLC’s Business English course uses real business case studies. Each case study covers a specialized area of business practice. Students work to develop solutions to specific problems, prepare presentations, learn business vocabulary, and write reports, emails, and letters setting out conclusions.


CLLC’s part-time IELTS exam preparation course is designed to give students the skills needed to pass their exams. CLLC teachers focus on the IELTS modules to make sure students know what to expect when taking an IELTS exam. A minimum of Level 4 General English is needed to enrol in the IELTS class.

Group Package

CLLC’s Group Program is offered in CLLC’s three cities: Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax. CLLC offers exclusive rates for groups of more than 5 students. Flexible schedules are available and chaperones are welcome. The minimum age is 14 with a chaperone and 16 without. Contact Laura ( for details.

Family Package

CLLC’s Family Program gives students younger than 16 a chance to study in one of CLLC’s partner schools while their parents and older siblings attend CLLC. This special program gives families the chance to travel together and experience an unforgettable English learning adventure.

Plus One

Plus One is a class that occurs daily, Monday to Thursday. It is a CLLC trademarked program that allows students to choose a variety of topics that cater to their interests or academic weaknesses. Plus One topics change every two weeks, so students get the chance to study many topics during their study period.

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