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Why Langara?

  • 90+ programs and more than 1,000 courses to choose from
  • LEAP – one of Canada’s best ESL programs
  • Lower tuition rates than university
  • University Quality Alliance program
  • Outstanding student support services
  • Opportunities for hands-on industry experience as well as off-campus and post-graduate work permits
  • Smaller classes where students get individual attention

Langara College

  1. Selection: Largest university transfer program in Canada, with a proven record of student success.
  2. Location: Located in the heart of beautiful Vancouver, Canada.
  3. Support: We offer a wide range of student services specifically tailored to international students.
  4. Attention: Small class sizes and personalized attention from instructors.
  5. Savings: Our tuition rates are lower than universities.
  6. Flexibility: We have three student intakes each year, with a wide selection of courses offered each term.
  7. LEAP: We offer an outstanding academic ESL program right on campus.
  8. Homestay: Our Homestay Program is recognized as one of the best in Canada.
  9. Quality: Our students learn from award-winning instructors.
  10. Work: Our international students are eligible for off-campus and post-graduate work permits

Langara College is centrally located in Vancouver, Canada – a city that is consistently recognized as one of the most beautiful and livable places in the world. Langara’s address at 100 West 49th Avenue Vancouver B.C. Canada V5Y 2Z6

Langara is Canada’s premier University Transfer (UT) institution. The University Transfer Program allows students to begin their university studies at a college (2 years) before transferring to a university to complete their degree (2 years).

More students transfer from Langara to the University of British Columbia than from any other college. Students can also transfer to Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, and other universities in British Columbia through transfer agreements organized by the British Columbia Council on Admission and Transfer (BCCAT). Degree partnerships and the University Quality Alliance help Langara students transfer to post-secondary institutions across Canada and around the world.

In the University Transfer program, students start at Langara before transferring their credits to complete a degree at university. Students choose to start at Langara because we offer the same courses at lower tuition fees, with smaller class sizes, and year-round enrollment.

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Business Administration Accounting

  • Business Management
  • International Business Management
  • Marketing Management

Bachelor of Recreation Management (online, third-year entry)

Career programs help prepare students for the workplace with hands-on training from industry professionals. These programs are 1 or 2 years long and students earn a Diploma or Certificate upon completion. Many Diploma and Certificate programs have limited enrollment and students may need to meet additional admission requirements. Diploma and Certificate programs – open to International Students include *This list is subject to change

  • Accounting
  • Applied Science for Engineering
  • Business Management
  • Criminal Justice
  • Computer Studies
  • Design Formation
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Education Assistant
  • Engineering Transfer
  • Food, Nutrition and Health Transfer
  • Film Arts
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Services
  • Fine Arts
  • Gerontology
  • Internet and Web Technology
  • Journalism
  • Kinesiology
  • Leisure Studies
  • Library & Information Technology
  • Marketing Management
  • Nutrition & Food Service Management
  • Professional Photography
  • Publishing
  • Recreation Leadership
  • social Service Worker
  • Theatre Arts

Post-degree diploma (PDD) programs are designed for students who possess a bachelor’s degree and who want to enhance and broaden their professional skills. The programs provide a specialized credential for practical application that augments employment opportunities. These post-baccalaureate programs will be valuable to domestic students wishing to upgrade their qualifications, as well as to international students who wish to come to Canada to further their studies in a concentrated format.

  • Post-Degree Diploma in Accounting
  • Post-Degree Diploma in Business Administration
  • Post-Degree Diploma in Data Analytics
  • Post-Degree Diploma in Marketing Management
  • Post-Degree Diploma in Applied Planning
  • Post-Degree Diploma in Web and Mobile App Design and Development
  • Continuing Studies Post-Degree Diploma in Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Continuting Studies Post-Degree Diploma in Health, Safety, and Environmental Compliance
  • Post-Degree Certificate in Nursing Leadership and Management

Langara Continuing Studies offers a range of lifelong learning opportunities. The following programs can be taken full-time and are designed to provide the skills needed to be a professional in the chosen field. The programs are open to international students, Canadian citizens, and permanent residents of Canada.

  • Advanced Accounting
  • Real Estate
  • Registered Massage Therapy
  • 2D Animation & Digital Art
  • 3D Animation for Game, Film & Visual Effects
  • Advanced 3D Animation

Langara has some of the most reasonable tuition rates in British Columbia. The typical fees for an international student in University Transfer studies will be approximately $17,700 over three semesters in a year (based on 30 credits of study). Benefits include a flexible all-zone transit pass (U-Pass BC Compass Card), and a comprehensive health and dental plan through the Langara Students’ Union. The estimates study costs below for a 12-month period of University Transfer study while living in homestay (2018/2019).*Fee are in Canadian Dollars and are subject to change.

  • Tuition (10course / 30credits / tuition for each 3-credit course is $1,770) $17,700
  • Student Fees(Students’Union Dues, Capital Building Legacy Fund, IE Development Fund) $480 (approx.)
  • Books and Supplies $1,500 (approx.)
  • Medical Plan Coverage per annum $694
  • Transportation (U-Pass Compass Card) $492
  • Homestay ($850/month) + $400 placement fee $10,600
  • Other ancillary fees $1,000 (approx.)
Total cost $32,466

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